Unleash Your Style with Callum: Meet our newest Dundee team member


We are delighted to introduce you to our new hair stylist, Callum. With nearly 15 years of experience, a love for the art of cut & colouring hair and a dedication to providing the best customer service, Callum is the go-to professional to help you achieve the style you’ve always dreamt of! We cannot think of a better fit to join our Dundee Salon team!

Callum’s expertise and commitment to personalised service ensure that every client leaves the salon looking and feeling their best. In this blog, we delve into Callum’s journey, his specialisations, and his unique approach to hairstyling. Join us as we unveil the artistry and skill that make Callum an exceptional hair stylist.



Background and Expertise

Callum started working in the hair industry almost 15 years ago, and when asked about what he enjoys most about being a hair stylist, he said, “If your hairs not right, you’re not right. I love maintaining my client’s hair, or suggesting a new style when required. Making people smile as part of my working day gives me such a buzz.”

Callum has a love for a range of cutting-edge hair trends and colouring techniques. When asked about his favourite trends, Callum responded, “You can’t beat a sharp above shoulder bob, or pixie cut. I love natural hair, doing funky colours is fun but I love nothing more than a soft caramel balayage or a really great set of highlights on a stunning long layered cut.”

Feel assured you will feel relaxed and have his full attention whilst you are in his chair. He believes the key to achieving the hair of your dreams is in the consultation, where you will sit down and talk over all your hair needs and requirements!

From the moment you sit down for your consultation to the final touches of your stunning new look, Callum’s attention to detail and dedication to your satisfaction are unwavering.


Personal Philosophy: Every hair cut should be tailored to that unique person

From the moment you sit down for your consultation to the final touches of your stunning new look, Callum’s attention to detail and dedication to your satisfaction are unwavering. He shares our salon’s philosophy that no two heads of hair are the same, with him stating “Every Client is unique, and when it come to styling, every hair cut should be tailored to that unique person.”

He approaches hairstyling as an art form, crafting hairstyles that perfectly complement the individual’s features, personality, and preferences. Callum’s commitment to creating a personalised experience ensures that every visit to the salon is a transformative and confidence-boosting journey.  He goes the extra mile to create a relaxing atmosphere, offering refreshments and ensuring that each client receives his undivided attention.

“I want all my clients to know that they’ve got my full attention. I need everyone to feel relaxed, and have plenty refreshments. Cutting your hair shouldn’t be a chore, it should be an experience. “


His hair tips!

The self confessed GHD lover has the following tips to help us keep dreamy hair 24/7! 

“See your stylist every 6-8 weeks, take on board the recommendations and adjust to your life style. If you use heat, you need heat protect! “
For at home, he’s an advocate for using products that suit your hair type and texture, and is happy to suggest the products that will work for you when you visit the Dundee salon!
On top of this, he recommends that “when you do a hair treatment at home, cover your head with a cap or film and have a hot drink. The heat will rise and help the treatment penetrate through to your cuticle.”

 Debunking Misconceptions: A Fast-Paced Profession

While many misconceptions surround the world of hairstyling, Callum is eager to debunk one prevalent myth – the notion that hairstylists spend their days leisurely sipping coffee and gossiping. In reality, being a hairstylist is a fast-paced and demanding job that requires impeccable time management and problem-solving skills. Callum takes pride in his ability to ensure smooth and efficient services for his clients, focusing on delivering exceptional results while creating a welcoming and vibrant salon environment.


Discover Your Style at Charlie Taylor’s Hair Salon

With Callum’s expertise and unwavering commitment to personalised service, Charlie Taylor’s Hair Salon offers a haven where you can unleash your style and enhance your appearance. From classic cuts to the latest trends, Callum’s artistic touch will leave you feeling confident, refreshed, and ready to take on the world.  Callum is the hair stylist who can transform your hair dreams into stunning realities. Book your appointment today and experience the magic of Callum’s artistry at Charlie Taylor’s Hair Salon.

We wish him all the best at team Charlie Taylor!

We also are thrilled to announce him joining the team as the launch of our new meet the team campaign! Where we will introduce you to all our amazing stylists and beauty therapists who help transform and elevate your hair & beauty – every time you walk through our salon doors!