Privacy Policy

You know at Charlie Taylor Hair & Beauty, you always come first, and that includes your privacy as much as your grooming needs. As of 25 May 2018 we have clarified how we collect, store and use any information we have about you, which you may have given us on our website or, more likely, when you bought a service at one of our salons.

The information we may have will include your name, address, land and mobile phone number and your email address. You may also have given us your age, which helps us identify appropriate services for you, certain details about your preferences and perhaps relevant medical history, where appropriate.

All data we record is stored and protected on a secure cloud rather than on a hard drive within the business. We will not sell, publish or share this information with anyone. It is solely for our purposes, to design services that are personalised and centred on you.

We will use some of the information to contact you to confirm any appointments you have, which may be by phone, text or email, depending on which channel you prefer.

All new clients from 25 May 2018 will be asked explicitly if we can keep their information for future visits and to confirm appointments, with an additional option to receive our news, marketing and special offers. As well as giving you the chance to actively opt in to receive this information, we will always include an option to unsubscribe on all our communications – something we’ve always done anyway.

This is pretty much how we have always treated your private information and so little has changed. However, there are a couple of innovations. You have the right to be forgotten, and we will, of course, comply with any request within 30 days and expunge your file. But we won’t simply delete your name – we will also remove all identifiable details from our sales records.

For those clients who moved away or decide to stop coming to Charlie Taylor Hair & Beauty for whatever reason, we have established an automatic data time limit that will come into effect after three years of no contact. You need do nothing. If we have not heard from you in that time, your details will be removed automatically.

This privacy promise may be subject to change, but we will always respect the trust you have placed in us and protect your personal details.