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Hair Loss Clinic

Do you feel you are shedding more than the normal amount of hair? Are you suffering from reduced volume in your hair? Or is your hair just not what it used to be?

Multi-award winning hairdresser Charlie Taylor offers a hair loss clinic at her Perth and Dundee salons. Book a hair loss consultation with Charlie Taylor herself. She will listen to your concerns and advise you on your hair loss or thinning issues.

Hair loss can be a very sensitive subject and Charlie is highly qualified to deal with hair loss treatments. She also has at her fingertips a team of the UK’s top trichologists if needed.

Her Hair Loss Treatment Clinic runs at our Dundee Salon on Wednesday and Friday, and in Perth on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (late night) and Saturday. Appointments with Charlie can be booked via our reception team or online.

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Professional Hair Loss Clinic

If you have been struggling with hair loss or noticed that your hair has started thin, then we may provide a hair loss treatment for you. We know your hair can be such a defining part of you, so when it starts to go it can almost be too upsetting to even think about.

But hiding away from the problem can only make things worse, we are here to support you, rebuild your confidence and hopefully help restore your hair. You just need to take that first step to reach out. 

We host hair loss clinics in our Dundee and Perth Salons.

Detailed Hair Loss Consultation

Our hair loss treatment starts with a detailed consultation to understand the cause of your hair loss. 

We acknowledge there are many causes of hair loss ranging from stress to genetic factors however the primary goal is to identify what is causing your condition and work with you to develop a treatment plan. 

Once we have identified the underlying issues and what treatment may be appropriate for you, we can move forward and hopefully stop any further shedding or hair loss.

Hair Loss Treatment

Our next step then is to implement hair loss treatments that will help encourage healthy hair growth which you can maintain at home. If this isn’t a suitable option, we will look for hairstyles or other alternatives which will help disguise the hair loss and bring back your confidence. 

This step is personal to you as everyone’s journey and hair needs are so different.

Hair Loss Clinic Client
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"I’m so glad I came to speak to you, my doctor just didn’t take me seriously and my thinning hair was making me feel very upset. In one visit you have made my hair look better and you have given me some sensible solutions, I already feel so much happier, thank you so much."

Dundee & Perth Hair Loss Treatment

Our hair loss clinic is available in our Dundee Salon every Wednesday and Friday. We also run hair loss treatments in our Perth Salon every Monday, Tuesday, late-night Thursday and Saturday.

Our reception team is incredibly knowledgeable and discreet. They are on hand to provide you with any information you may need prior to booking your consultation. We also have the option for you to book your consultation online if you’re not ready to reach out to the team. 

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