The YSL Gardens Marrakech


This deserves a special mention for anyone heading to Marrakech.

YSL gardens and museum has a special place in my heart. It was emotional at several points through the visit. I am in a fashion industry and found myself understanding so much about this great human who whilst he had many personal issues to deal with, created a life of inspiration to others and sheer brilliance. When I walked through the museum which houses so many of his gowns I had tears in my eyes. It brought out in me so many emotions.

He was so passionate about the female form and making women look and above all feel beautiful. I also do this every day in my job. I was also emotional about the dream of having been able to wear some of these clothes, I never quite got there, (yet) however have always appreciated the beauty and classic nature of his work.

YSL also took risks.

It is rare for someone to ground break without doing so. He never side stepped, which disappointingly in my hairdressing industry is so common just now. People side stepping and not progressing or above all not giving back where people gave to them. Instead he pushed forward inspiring and leading and at great personal expense always giving more. He took the pressure of what people in the fashion industry expected from him. Always a new collection, the next idea and dealt with the critics and judgements of others.

To an extent I can also relate. People who are passionate and perfectionists to their crafts have to be so much more than an artist.
You have to stand up and be counted, you have to have a thick skin, you have to be selfless, you have to really care.

Thank you YSL for stirring this in me.

I will continue down my creative path……Cx