Charlie Blog 7

Charlie Taylor Salon

I put a post up recently offering free blow dries to our front line NHS staff who are working tirelessly to cope with the current situation. We are having an incredible response and so far everyone who has had their blow dry has been so grateful for the ‘me time’ we have given them.

I do however find it incredible that some people (small minority) find it appropriate to post negative comments. Nothing about me understands this.

Here is how I feel… we are a small business who at this moment in time are experiencing an unprecedented situation. Our number one priority is to STAY OPEN as long as we are allowed, look after the team of absolutely incredible people we work alongside, supporting them and securing their jobs.

For us to be thinking of others at this difficult time should be deemed to be a wonderful thing to do.

Our reasoning for doing it, is that we all have skills that allow us in a relatively short space of time make others feel good. We are actually in the business of making people look and feel good.

As a company I think we can take the title of the most charitable hairdressing company in Scotland and if not then we are very near the top.

Here is what we do…. we raise thousands of pounds every year for Marie Curie nurses making sure that for every £20 we raise the nursing hour is spent with terminally ill people in Tayside and Perth where our salons are based.

We organise in salon events throughout the year for local charities who are dear to our clients hearts, we raise money for them to add to their charity, hosted selflessly by our teams in their own time.

We organise events for charities close to our teams hearts, so if anyone in our team wants to contribute to a charity they can.

We do Haircuts for Homeless whereby a small team goes to The Salvation Army and makes someone’s day by giving them a new haircut.

That’s not to mention the hundreds and hundreds of events supports we do over the years.

We can only do so much and if it wasn’t your turn this time then it might be next time.

In our business We are democratic and make lots of our decisions together as a team, therefore we make team choices based a lot of the time on heartfelt decisions.

There have been a few groups of people who have actually contacted us directly asking if we would consider them to be included and we have gone straight back to say of course we will do what we can for them.

Keyboard warriors however sorry but no. Don’t take offence, however there are ways and means of doing things to get what you hope for and that isn’t it. Times are tough right now we need to applaud good practice, support where we can and be thoroughly decent.

The offer to NHS staff is still open, call us on 01382909090 for Dundee and 01738633221 to book. Please share as we would like to reach as many workers as possible. I just watched a lovely nurse who had just come off a ten hour shift walk out re-energised and feeling like a new person.

C x