The top haircuts and styles for Spring 2022

Blonde Balayage by Charlie Taylor

 The Cuts and Colours you should be considering for the Spring of 2022

With the lighter nights approaching and the winter weather disappearing everyone’s thoughts are turning to the warmer times ahead. The flowers are blooming, wildlife is remerging, and spring truly feels like the season of new beginnings- making it the perfect time to revamp your look.

It’s time to opt for a fresh style, a bold colour or a fun cut that will take you into the summer months full of confidence.

We’ve pulled together our top predictions for hairstyles and colours we expect to see everywhere by the end of Spring 2022. This gives you the chance to get some inspiration, freshen up your look and be ahead of the curve this year.
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Give your locks the chop and freshen your dull winter hair with our top hairstyles for Spring:

 1: The Taylor Texture

Our signature cut involves textured layers which create volume on naturally fine hair to allow for a beachy, tousled and effortless look. The trick behind this is layers, layers and more layers.  There are layers in the cut and layers in the way we use our products.  We combine Eimi Body Crafter, Nioxin Bodifying foam and Eimi Mistify me light, to create the easy waves which elevate this simple cut and help frame the face in an effortless manner.
Textured Cut, Spring Hairstyle

 2: The Collarbone Cut

This cut is a versatile look that can be worn un-styled, perfect for your casual work from home days. Additionally, the cut gives you the option to switch it up and embrace the glamourous long-lob-look, perfect for nights out or on days where you just want to feel that little bit more put together.

This classy collarbone cut is a popular go-to for those looking to try out a shorter style. It compliments most face shapes and its versatile nature suits most lifestyles; making it a look that is perfect for almost everyone!
When it comes to styling, your product preference determines the overall look. Its no-fuss nature means you can ditch the product and embrace that natural texture.  Or on days you want to recreate the sleek look below opt for our personal favourite style products the Luxe Oil and GHD Bodyguard.

Long bob by Charlie Taylor

3: The Blunt Cut

Blunt is back.
To create this edgy and statement worthy look, requires precision, the key behind all our bold Charlie Taylor cuts. This cut might be bold, but it’s not one to shy away from. The blunt cut gives a more defined shape, it works to help hair look thicker and fuller. Perfect for those looking to add a little bit of texture and volume to limp locks.
Blunt Bob by Charlie Taylor

 4: Curtain Bangs

We’ve called it, curtain bangs are here to stay.
Bangs, or fringes as they are better known, work so well in conjunction with face-framing styles and colours.  And technically, any length below the brow can officially fit into the curtain bang category so we can customise this look to suit you.
A trend that’s here to stay for 2022, as we predict we will see more and more people moving away from long looks and opting for more face shaping,  flattering cuts.
If you are interested in making the leap to a shorter cut this year, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our team at both our Dundee and Perth salons will be more than happy to assist and advise you on the best option for you.
Bangs by Charlie Taylor

Our 2022 Spring Colours : the hair colour trends to expect this year

 1: Mocha Brown

This trend creates an expensive-looking Brunette. A colour that appears rich, dark and glossy. It breathes life back into dull and tired winter hair. This colour can also work well with the Balayage technique using the dark as the prominent colour and a glow of baby lights throughout the hair.

Deep brown mocha hair coloured by Charlie Taylor

 2: Blindingly Blonde

Blonde is that simple colour that never truly goes out of fashion. When it comes to having a hair refresh, we have various shades and tones you can opt for. Not one blonde suits all!
Blonde hair is notorious for its upkeep but we have some simple tips and techniques which allow you to be blonde without continuous effort. Clever colour placement is everything!
Blonde babylights by Charlie Taylor

 3: The Warmth

It’s time to brush away those winter blues and breathe some life back into your hair. Creating warmth is the perfect way to do that! It’s about more than just one shade, it is all about varying shades and depths of red/copper. These tones can range from strawberry blonde to fiery copper. Spring is the time to embrace these multi-tonal and fresh colours!

Warm Red hair by Charlie Taylor

When it comes to dyeing your hair, a home kit will never produce the same rich tones and delicate layers, showcased in the looks above.
Over at Charlie Taylor, our team is trained to produce expert results and we can guarantee you are absolutely in safe hands. If you’re interested in getting booked in, or just want a bit more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch today! Both our Dundee and our Perth Hairdresser Salons have dedicated reception staff, who are always more than happy to help.