The Many Benefits of Being an Employed Hairdresser

The benefits of being an employed hairdresser

Hairdressing is one of the most rewarding professions, offering endless opportunities to earn a great living while helping people feel good about themselves. It’s also one of the most fun, creative and exciting careers you can think of. Because no two heads of hair are the same, your job is never boring and it always challenges you to do your best.

As a hairdresser, you’ll often find yourself working in a high-charged and fast-paced environment. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the benefits of being an employee — after all, having a job means you can build a career and have financial security. Becoming employed as a hairdresser is something you should seriously consider. The benefits are great, and the job can be very rewarding. Here are some of the benefits of being an employed hairdresser and how they can help your career.

You can work in a salon environment and have the support of other stylists around you.

Working in a salon can be a very positive experience for hairdressers. There are other stylists around to support you and help you grow in your career. The environment is usually upbeat and fun, which makes for a great working atmosphere. With hairdressing being one of the most creative careers that exists, being in a team environment provides you the chance to bounce off your team members, get inspiration from the hair they produce and grow as a hair stylist. You can mentor, inspire, grow and problem solve together as a team.

As a employed stylist you are also working in a salon environment and as a self employed hairdresser you are working in your home or a rented chair. The pros of this differs for each individual, there is however a sense of freedom in being self employed.

Hairdressing Training

If you are employed as a hairstylist, one of the key benefits is continued training to keep you highly skilled in new trends, new techniques and refreshed in the hairdressing basics! This means you can take your hairdressing to the next level.

Salon owners know that they need to keep their staff up to date with the latest skills and techniques. This is why they will continue to invest in their staff and equipment. As a employed hairdresser you can enjoy expert tuition and continual training. The reason for this is because the owner will want to be offering their customers the best service and skills for them to continue to come back for more!

At Charlie Taylors, we are a Wella salon, and ensure we invest in the best equipment, products and training for our staff to provide the best possible service to our customers. Employed hairdressers at our Salon are continuously trained in four training categories:

  1. Understanding the basics of hairdressing: which entails training in short layers, long layers, one length and graduation,
  2. Advance cutting: Provides an understanding the finer details of a haircut, along with how to refine and personalise a cut to complement a clients face shape,
  3. Colour techniques: This includes training in colour choice, highlight techniques, balayage and colour placement,
  4. Continuous professional development: you are always leaning new techniques and skills in cutting, colour and product knowledge.

This provides you expert knowledge within the hairdressing industry and constant development within your hairdressing career.

Have financial security with a a base salary plus commission on services and retail sales.

As a hairdresser, you have the potential to make a great salary. The main benefit of being an employed hair stylist is you have financial security. At Charlie Taylors you have the regular security of a salary plus uncapped commission on services and retail sales. The more you do, the more money you can make, and, as your skills improve and you move up in the company, your salary will increase. Therefore, there is a lot more financial security as you have a clear and consistent pay every month allowing it to be easier to get a mortgage and a loan. Additionally, you won’t be spending your income on supplies, as all tools and products are provided by the salon.

Enjoy paid holidays, sick pay and pension contributions

As an employed hairdresser not only do you get job security, but you also benefit from paid holidays (worth 11% of your total salary) and have the security of company private pension contributions, company contributions to N.I and sick pay. This is a key benefit of being an employed vs self employed hairdresser.

In addition, holidays allow you to take time off work to relax and enjoy yourself without having to worry about money. Additionally, if you have family or friends who live far away, being an employed hairdresser means that you can visit them more often than if you were working a self employed role with no paid holiday days.

Work life balance

Like most employed roles, a key benefit of being a employed hairdresser is you have a structure, routine and set working hours. Being a self employed hairdresser can be perceived as a benefit as you can pick and choose your hours, but many do struggle to switch off, squeezing in clients and find themselves picking up their phone and dealing with messages at all hours of the day.

Many hairdressers have been in the situation where a client calls in with no notice, do you keep your other clients waiting or drop everything to make that client happy? Unless you have the luxury of staff working with you and booking your clients in, (which is rare for most self employed hairdressers), it can be difficult to juggle all these customer aspects. This is where it is massively beneficial to have the support of a salon team, reception and marketing teams to help with these elements – so you can focus on the thing you love, hair!

At our Salons we can be very flexible as to when you can work, with many of our stylists option for a 4 day working week or working later evenings and weekends opposed to a standard 9 to 5.

Should I be a self employed hairdresser or a employed hairdresser?

Overall, being both an employed hairdresser and a self employed hairdresser comes with its benefits, although, we believe employed hairdressers are the way the hairdressing industry should continue. Charlie Taylor is a huge advocate that through employing hairdressers, she is able to pass on her hairdressing knowledge to the future of the hairdressing industry.

There are many benefits to being an employed hairdresser, including working in a great salon environment, having financial security, huge training opportunities, access to amazing equipment and products and a work life balance.

Regardless to this, being a self employed hairdresser can have it’s benefits, however one thing we would like to highlight on this topic is by being an employed hairdresser, the major benefits are structure, job security, routine and training opportunities.

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