Looking for a way to achieve beautiful skin?

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Our professional-led Medik8 and Guinot facials are the perfect solution for anyone looking for a smoother complexion, clear and luminous skin. Our beauticians can recommend facial treatment based on your skin texture, skin sensitivity and more.

Medik8 has been a leading professional-led skincare brand since 2009.

Their comprehensive range of treatments, peels and signature facials make attaining beautiful skin for life easier than ever!

 Medik8 facial and treatments are suitable for all skin types and ages! Sustainable, cruelty free and vegan, Medik8 offers progressive formulas that deliver immediate rejuvenating results for a more youthful appearance and boost skin renewal

Medik8 chemical peels

Chemical peels are professional-grade exfoliating acids applied to the skin with a small brush to help resurface and retexture your skin. Chemical peels are suitable for almost everyone and a consistent peel routine provides long-term benefits as well as visible, clinically proven results.

Chemical peels are now a leading global skincare treatment to reduce blemishes, pigment and wrinkles. Results can be visible even after one peel however we recommend a course of 6 peels to ensure maximum results for your skin.

Medik8 Treament

Medik8 glowing facials

A luxurious illuminating treatment to brighten even the dullest skin. A targeted results-driven faciat to combat uneven pigmentation and skih tone, breathing new radiance and luminosity into the skin

Calming facial

This facial is gentle soothing and hydrating treatment to instantly calm inflamed, hot, flushed, red, sensitive and highly sensitised skin using intelligent formulations with zinc and hyaluronic acid to help your skin recover

Deep Hydration Facial

A complete nourishing and comforting facial to restore skin vitality for dull, flakey and compromised skin. Gentle exfoliation allows the long tasting replenishing Medik8 Hero formulation to deeply deliver deep hydration for dry skin

Medik8 Pore refining facial

Targeted actives and gentle exfoliation are used to gently break down pore blockages and promote the appearance of a smoother complexion with less visible, enlarged pores. ​

Medik8 Clarity facial

Deep cleansing actives are used to target oily, problematic, and blemished skin. Re-balancing products are used throughout this facial to soothe, calm and generate a clearer skin .

Platinum facial ​

A relaxing age-defying facial with Medik8s signature platinum infused Age Defying platinum mask that visibly lifts, rejuvenates and firms the skin for a more youthful appearance. A true treatment innovation delivering visible and immediate rejuvenating results. Platinum powder and haritaki super fruit are blended with lifting polysaccharides to visibly plump and firm skin, revealing a more youthful and radiant looking complexion


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Medik8 body treatments

Hand & Foot Rejuvenation

A conditioning and restorative youth enhancing treatment for the hands. Finely ground bamboo particles and comprehensive acids eliminate dryness to promote a smoother, softer appearance. A protective glove of vitamin C and sunscreen leaves hands glowing with youthful vitality

About Guinot

Guinot is a luxurious French skincare brand that has been providing high-quality treatments since 1964.

The exclusive treatments from Guinot are tailored to every skin type and leave your face looking more beautiful.

Guinot has taken advantage of the latest scientific discoveries to develop patented treatment methods that visibly rejuvenate the skin, offering a real alternative to cosmetic surgery!

Guinot Hydradermie

Hydradermie is Guinot’s classic electrical treatment and one of our most popular facials! This facial is amazing for making your skin youthful and radiant in just one treatment.

This effective lifting treatment stimulates the facial muscles using a low frequency current which causes a toning action, stimulating the muscle fibres in the skin leaving a smoother, firmer and more youthful appearance to the complexion

It creates a natural temporary facelift effect by lifting techniques using facial muscle stimulation. Described as a “work-out” for the face tightening and toning of the facial muscles. This facial machine uses three types of electrical current: Galvanic – for deep cleansing and oxygenate your skin. You can see visible reuslts after your very first treatment!

Hydradermie Lift Yeux

This facial focuses on the eyes – face and neck to target signs of ageing. The instant eye repair treatment – this unique treatment targets signs of ageing and tiredness around the delicate eye area – including fine lines – wrinkles – puffiness and dark circles – using an expert combination of machine technology – a specific hands-on massage and a specially designed eye mask soaked in a concentrated skin repair serum for maximum anti ageing and visible results.

Hydra Peeling Treatment

To make skin “new” in just 45 minutes, Guinot has created the Hydra Peeling Treatment, the protocol of which is adapted to the sensitivity of your skin: The peeling hydra PH for all skin types or the peeling hydrabrasion for sensitive skin. This skin rejuvenating treatment erase visible signs of ageing, recover a radiant complexion in your skin and give you radiant skin with their enhanced cellular regeneration peel.

Lift Summum facial

The Lift Summum Treatment is a “lifting” treatment that smooths and firms any areas affected by loss of firmness.

It combines advanced movements with high-performance active firming ingredients, ensuring an instant, visible “lifting” effect.

Age Summum Treatment

The treatment that targets signs of ageing! An expert in anti-ageing skincare, Guinot has created a treatment product that acts on all levels of the epidermis to minimise sings of ageing. There is visible differences after this treatment, wrinkle depth is reduce and facial features appear more radiant. This is the ultimate anti ageing treatment!

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You can book your facial online or a skin consultation to address any specific skincare concerns you may have. Our beauticians can recommend facials for your specific sensitive skin or your skin tone. At Charlie Taylor salons we focus on achieving the client’s beauty goals.


Charlie Taylor is a renowned name in the beauty industry. With over 25 years of experience, Charlie has become an expert in hair and skin care. His salons in Dundee and Perth are known for their high-quality services and innovative treatments. Whether you’re looking for brow lamination or some beautiful skin, you can trust Charlie to give you the best possible service.