Charlie Blog 8

Charlie Taylor PK Trichotherapy

My usual excuse for delays in blogging is usually time! At this moment in life I can’t use that excuse, one thing most of us have right now is exactly that. My mother used to say (she always features in my blogs, she was an influencer) that ‘time and tide waits for no man’ Never a truer word said.

How we all decide to use time is personal and individual. I am very driven by time. I’m aware of the preciousness of time. It is a massive driver for me.

Please don’t be concerned by this next statement and don’t read anything more into it than the statement itself. If I were to die tomorrow, I would wave everyone goodbye with a vigorous, happy, enthusiastic and hearty wave. If I physically couldn’t then in my mind I would be waving.

There is a selfishness to that statement because it’s all about ‘me’ so I would like to clarify that the reasons I don’t want to leave this earth is that I have three beautiful children (now adults) that I believe still need me for support, guidance and love, and I work alongside the best people, first and foremost my own team (I adore them, they are full of vibrancy, youth and talent) and the wider hair community, in the best industry in the world and I would like to continue to give of myself in any way I can. I have the pleasure of knowing incredible people.

You see I live my life to the full, I always have. I take life by the scuff of the neck and go for it. I stretch time where it shouldn’t be stretched, I consider sleep (whilst I understand it’s essential for well being) to be a waste of time. I can’t do anything when I’m asleep. It annoys me. Nothing about me is lazy. Nothing ever.

I have already ‘lived’ longer than anyone else my age.

My every waking minute is driven by ‘what can I do now’ so in the course of a normal day I will as soon as my eyes are open be planning what I can squeeze into the day. Those of you who know me well, will know I’m always ‘chasing my tail’ If I can do two or three things at once trust me I will! It’s kinda crazy I know!

So, a typical week for me has to surround a six day week focused on our business, I’m committed, so that’s six days out of the seven available. I work at least ten hours a day. A large amount of those hours is physical work on the salon floor and the rest is concentrated on the running of the business with all that entails.

You might think that doesn’t leave much of that precious commodity called time. When work takes such a large part of your week the only way to fit more in is to schedule early mornings and late evenings and simply get stuff done.

It’s not unusual for me in Summer to be gardening at 5.30am or indeed at 10pm, I love the longer days of daylight! Keeping fit is a daily occurrence and a lifelong commitment. I’ve been working in a gym since I was 15 and to be honest rarely have I missed a day. I like to have a wee six pack and a bicep! I’m tiny but very very strong. I like to keep a nice home and I work hard at that, it’s not a show house it’s a family home where we all can be ourselves. I could go on listing all the things I like to fit into a day, however that’s boring to anyone else. The gist is that for me every minute of the day is important and I point blank refuse to waste any of them.

Lockdown is no different for me. So many of my friends have checked in on me asking how I’m coping, I guess knowing that I am an adrenaline junky. Thank you! There are still not enough hours in the day, so much to do, no box sets, no couch potato and no let up. I don’t want to.

I’m using my precious time differently.

This is a very difficult moment in time globally. It is particularly difficult for small business owners who find themselves with no income, large teams to support both financially and their well being and knowing that the economy is about to hit the worst time any of us have ever experienced before. You don’t need to wonder how my time is being spent. I’m busy, not enough hours in the day and focused beyond belief.

This is not a lecture, we should all enjoy our time in which ever way we want to. It’s our own choices. It’s only right at this moment in time spare thoughts for those who have had their precious time taken away by this dreaded virus. My heart goes out to those who have lost people dear to them. I applaud all the carers be it NHS or private carers and charities whose time is taken looking after the sick and potentially endangering themselves. I also applaud key workers who continue to go to work with all that entails.

I need to sign off now, it’s 8.10am and I’ve got a lot to fit into the remaining time that is today.

Love to all,

C  x