Charlie Blog 6

Charlie Taylor Salon

I’ve thought long and hard about blog 6, there are so many subjects to talk about.

I’ve decided that whilst all my skills and experiences are in the hair/fashion industries, I’ve found myself soul searching and debating in my head what makes the differences between people, their achievements, their goals and their successes.

I’m not talking about solely hairdressers, I’m talking about people in all walks of life.

The power of the mind is my biggest driver. I get up everyday and truly if within five minutes of rising if I can feel that every part of my body is working then I’m thankful. This being because good health is not something to be taken for granted. In fact I believe without it your personal journey is a much harder one.

Just think of all the people in this world who have to battle through ill health before they can think of achieving anything else. I actually work with an incredible woman who has battled ill health bravely and with real courage. We have worked with each other for nearly two decades and supported each other unconditionally. She has battled her way back to being in the salon and contributing to our brand and to the industry. I am in awe of her.

Therefore everyday I’m thankful and mindful of health. Without it we really have nothing.

So given the appreciation and importance of good health what else is it that makes us all tick?

I’ve always felt blessed to be doing a job that I adore. That is such an important life choice. Getting up every day and using your skill set to deliver a worthwhile service. As hairdressers, we are in the business of making people feel good and what a privilege that is.

So what is it that makes me want to go out every day and give of my best?

For me it is a commitment, a vocation and a will. A will to be the best I can be.

Commitment is something I certainly have proven! I’m in my 44th year of doing hair and genuinely am as committed now as I was the day I started.

A vocation because I’m one of the lucky ones who adores my job and second to being a mother/family nothing has come between me and my career.

The will because without it you go nowhere.

Positive belief is something I play with every day. I play with it my mind, in my minds eye and in my soul. I play with belief because if you don’t believe you won’t achieve. See it, believe it achieve it. If you are a hair stylist and you want to be popular and busy and skilful you have to have the vision for it and you have to believe you can do it. Then you have to act on it.

Many many times over the years I have put myself in scary situations, be it on a stage in front of thousands of hairdressers to trying out a new technique or taking massive risks at personal costs.

Underneath the scary bits for me is always an inner belief that I can do it.

I think that is how you get things done.

I talk to my team a lot about confidence and belief. We train the best hairdressers without doubt. We have super talented therapists and Master Nail technicians and each have their own professional and personal goals to achieve.

It is my job to help them, guide them and above all ensure they believe they can deliver and achieve.

That is my commitment and vocation. It is what I want to give to the youth of today coming through the system.

To develop the talent and help them believe they can be fabulous hairdressers that are actually world class and be part of an incredible team of people.

With that knowledge and belief we can grow teams who can deliver high standards and support our clients. Without our clients we have nothing. They are everything to an industry like ours.

So the message is clear.

I firmly believe you have to have an inner voice that you control yourself telling you that you CAN do things, you can hit the target, you can do better, you can compete, you can be top.

You have to have the will, conviction, belief and energy.

This ethos translates to most industries and to most situations I guess.

You get out of life what you put into it.

I have several colleagues in my teams who are learning new things, competing in national arenas and believing they can learn more and in turn do a better job.

My hat is off to you all and I’m behind you all the way See it, Believe it, Achieve it.

Because you can.

C x