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I’ve decided to start documenting day to day life in a blog. I rarely use my personal FB and don’t share much that isn’t business however I’m giving it a go. I will format it in a link in future so I don’t clog up news feeds and of course you can choose whether to read it or not! So here is the start…

It’s a beautiful day in London Town. So… today is about a rare day out of the business following yesterday’s British Hairdressing Awards judging. Today I’m looking for inspiration. I have some free time which is unusual for me. It’s a day for fresh eyes to look around and draw on the beauty and incredibleness of life around us.

My job is to inspire. Inspire the amazing team that I am so lucky to work with and of course inspire my clients.

This job is never a chore ever. When I’m doing hair I’m right where I want to be. That’s what makes it ok. That’s a gift. I work 6 days a week and often in the office on a Sunday morning too. I do it not because I have to, more because I want to. I ‘m driven to do it. I guess that’s what you call a workaholic?

As this blog develops i’ll talk about careers and having children , that’s such a big subject though it’s definitely for another day. I will only ever be able to talk about it from my own perspective.

Back to hair.. I’m in my 43rd year of doing hair. I love it as much now as the day I started in Bruce Sutherland’s in Newport on Tay. Little did I know this would turn out to be a life long passion.

You may have seen some of my recent work via Instagram. I’ve decided to push my skills to the limit and never allow myself to be boring. I’m in my head celebrating experience (something I believe is so so valuable) experience is something that can never be taken away from you, you have it, you earned it. I’m using mine to produce work that that tests me and scares me a bit because that’s how I think I will push boundaries.

The most rewarding part of my job is serving clients. I’ve been doing it for over four decades now and knowing that you can give of yourself and your experience in your field is incredible.

Hairdressers help people. We help people feel better, we listen, we advise and above all we have a vision. A vision for how a client can look and what their hair is capable of. This requires experience, training and skill. Things that don’t happen overnight. We deal with emotions. As the hairdresser you never know what your client is going through or has been through. I often find myself in a situation where a client is emotional because I have made her feel better about herself. That’s always the aim. We are in the business of making people look and feel great. It’s a privilege actually.

There will be many subjects to touch on. They will evolve.

Now I’m off to look for inspiration with an open mind.

I have a meeting with Wella in London today. That in itself will be inspiring.

I’m off to do some physical exercise before kicking this day off. I do that every day with no excuses. None. I’m not near a gym as I’m staying with a friend so cardio, press-up and AB workout made up by me will commence. That’s my first inspiration of the day!

Bye y’all!

C x